Monday, 29 July 2019

Why business class matters

Relatively few people fly business class, and the ones that never have often do not understand the degree of trouble I'm willing to accept in order to sit before the curtain. This post is meant to explain why I book these ridiculous iteneraries (like the one from Amsterdam to Singapore through Saint Petersburg and Frankfurt).

Here's why: I love flying. The feeling of being miles high in the sky, seeing the curvature of the horizon, leaving every day stuff literally far behind, I love it. There's an added romantic feeling even when it's night, when dinner is served and when you can sleep. It's similar to train journeys, although comfortable night trains have virtually disappeared, at least in Europe.

What I don't like is: being stuck in the middle seat, constantly aware of where you put your elbows (unlike your neighbours, who don't respect your personal space), screaming children not being guarded by their indifferent parents, the chair before you that is put in maximum recline without a word of warning while you're finishing your meal, taking away your personal 5 mm of legroom that you created by emptying the seatpocket entirely.

Flying economy, especially on long haul flights, has become a mild form of torture. Putting too many people in two little space is simply not a good idea, except from an economic viewpoint. I remember my 13 hour legs in the back of the economy section, with children screaming at least half of the flight, and a little bit of fine turbulence thrown in for added fun. My wife have said: no more of this.

The step from economy to business class is not about more room, better food, a bigger screen or priority boarding. The step from economy to business is about flying without feeling the stress of a fully loaded economy cabin and being able to enjoy that you're on a plane. Forget that you're paying at least three times the economy fare - it's money well spent.

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