Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Short review of the Valerio Catullo lounge at Verona airport

Luckily there's more to Verona than its horrible airport and airport lounge - View from Castelvecchio

Most lounge experiences are so standard and uneventful that they do not need a review. You just sit there, have a drink, read a book and then carry on with your life. However, this morning my wife and I paid a brief visit to the VIP lounge of Verona airport. It's a land side lounge (which doesn't really make sense to me: it's better to have lounge access after security as you never know how much passing the security checks will take these days).

You get access for free with a Priority Pass subscription (the all-inclusive one that is) - but don't get your hopes too high. The woman behind the reception did not even bother to ask for our signatures, nor did she hand our Priority Pass cards back to us - she just left them on the desk. The lounge, with a very seventies feel ot it, promotes FREE WIFI on large posters, implicitly stating that this is a unique selling point - welcome to 2019 folks. And it was completely empty.

Having left our hotel before 7 AM, we had not had breakfast in our hotel so we wanted to eat something. We could choose from packaged plumb cake and packaged vanilla waffles. A hot drink? There was a kettle which you had to fill with bottled water in order to make tea. Or you could put a packaged capsule into one of two coffee machines which had not seen recent cleaning - was that fungus on the capsule compartment?

When we had to leave to catch our flight it appeared that there was indeed 'fresh' food being distributed - too late for us. Anything positive? Well, they had glass bottles of Coke Zero, always highly appreciated by me - even in the early morning. I don't think any of the people working in this lounge actually cares about people at all - making the label 'VIP lounge' all the more grotesque. But we will remember this lounge as one of Europe's worst.

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