Thursday, 25 April 2019

Drinks (almost) for free at Gong bar, the Shard

Forgive me the clickbait, but we managed to have a ridiculously expensive bottle of wine (a 77 GBP bottle of Chardonnay) almost for free at the Gong bar, level 52 of The Shard, the ridiculously high building next to London Bridge station. Normally, you'd pay 32 GBP on the spot to get into the normal viewing gallery which takes you as high as level 72. Prepare for a one hour wait too.

The amazing view from the Shard, including its own shadow, Tower Bridge and Canary Wharf

Buying in advance can get you in cheaper, but a rough 15 or 16 GBP in absolute low season (January) will be the minimum. Search both on the official website ( and ticket resellers such as to get the best deals. Visiting a bar such as Gong will not trigger an entrance fee, but:

  • You'll have to make a booking well in advance
  • You'll get a time slot, roughly an hour
  • You have to leave your credit card details
  • You'll pay a penalty (15 GBP) if you don't show up

So, how did we get the bottle for free then? In two stages, actually:

  • The first was to jump through a couple of hoops summarised in this post (no longer possible though)
  • The second was to stay for three nights in the Shangri-La Rasa Sayang resort on Penang, which I can assure you is not a punishment at all
Together, these provided some 1,100 Golden Circle points, probably not nearly enough for a reward stay, but enough to spend on a bottle of too expensive wine. Also note that in the process of converting the two times 100 USD vouchers a few percent will be skimmed of the final amount by hidden foreign exchange costs, valuing a GBP at 1,39 USD whereas it should have been 1,30 USD. 

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