Sunday, 24 March 2019

Appraisal of Lufthansa first class

Lufthansa first class chairs

So, after going through the tiring (yes it's our own fault) detour of Saint Petersburg, we finally boarded our A380 to experience first class. And to be honest, being spoilt by the rather unbelievable service of Qatar Airways business class, this was a bit underwhelming experience. Yes, you have even more room, and I had seven hours of solid sleep which I had never managed before (ok, one time after being awake for 40 hours, on my way to Sydney in economy).

The food is quite amazing, the wines are unbelievable and having two bathrooms for eight passengers is also a huge luxury. And what kind of bathrooms they are - for on a plane, they are massive: several meters long, cotton towels, more than enough room to change into your pyjamas (provided too) without colliding with the walls. Yes, that's miles away from economy, or rather: just the stairs right before the first class cabin.

I don't do reviews with photos of all dinner courses and showing menus of the entertainment system - personally as a reader I wouldn't really care. What I want to highlight is a few positives and a few negatives. Starting with the latter: when boarding the plane, the stewardesses were busy with the five family members from South America travelling together and taking selfies in the first interior. It slightly distracted them from the other passengers.

Stairway to... hell? No, premium economy

Service made a bit of a random impression (will I get a welcome drink or will they forget me?). On the positive side, on both the outbound and incoming flights, we had enthusiastic, warm crews who really made the impression they cared about their passengers. They were also not as young as usual on Qatar Airways flights. It gives a nice touch to your service if the stewardesses have had a long career and made it to first because of their experience.

Stellar white cholate dome desert

So, would I pay double the price of a (rock bottom) business class ticket again to experience first? No, I don't think so. The step from economy to business class is just so much more meaningful in terms of added comfort than the step from business to first. I might think differently though if the added cost would be 50% or less.

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