Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Why 'lounge experiences' are similar to all inclusive holidays

My wife and I had lounge access in Amsterdam airport, Lisbon airport and in the Lisbon Marriott hotel. When you've never been in a lounge before, you might imagine business people in suits with the more premium brands of cabin bags. Think again. The Amsterdam Aspire lounge was full of people when we arrived, which should be fine. But they had huge stacks of luggage. Some were just lying on couches trying to sleep (saving on a proper hotel room) while very much resembling the larger specimens of whales.

From observing the people in the Marriott lounge one would be tempted to derive a few rules:
- it's obliged to wear sneakers or flip-flops
- it's obliged to wear shorts
- it's obliged to take two bottles of water on leaving the lounge

In regard to the third rule, I can definitely state that it didn't exist. What's more, the hotel information specifically mentioned a request not to take items from the lounge.

I started realising that lounges are merely the not so exclusive 'exclusive' form of all inclusive holidays. That would explain why the red wine was served from a fake wine vessel containing a large bag of wine. Nothing wrong with the wine, but the overall experience somewhat diminishes towards all inclusive wristbands...

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