Sunday, 26 August 2018

Why Ryanair gets all the publicity

Michael O'Leary, CEO of the travel world's favourite subject of complaining - RyanAir - doesn't make a secret out of the fact that he still supports the old adage: any publicity is good publicity. In some documentary, he admits that the rule where his personnel may not charge their phones in office is indeed really a rule, while adding that, of course, no one cares about it.

So when RyanAir publishes a press release, media just jump on it and throw it at their audiences. Because the occurrence of 'RyanAir' alone in a news item automatically turns it into clickbait. So apart from real issues such as labour conditions, also their baggage policies are apparently newsworthy.

So for those who read the headlines this week: you can still bring your carry on on board - if you're willing to pay for priority boarding (for 6 EUR each way) and you're able to get it. Because priority boarding will only be sold to a maximum of 30% of the passengers, which is good, because otherwise all people would stand in the priority lane. Why?

Because as of November, it will cost 8 EUR to check in a (bigger) cabin size trolley each way, where up till now you good bring it to the gate where it would be checked in after all for free. So if you travel with a larger size cabin size trolley, it's a no brainer to 'cough up' the 6 EUR for priority boarding. Plain and simple.

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