Sunday, 5 August 2018

Kickback country

Little did I realise that the name I had coined for my blog - opaque travel - is actually a concept in the travel industry. It refers to the selling of 'opaque travel inventory': hotel rooms for hotels that you do not know when you purchase the stay. In the Netherlands, it's also known under the slightly debilitating 'bingo' concept. You just get to know the number of stars and get a discount, not knowing in what kind of place you will be dumped - with all due respect. At the other end, some of the opaque offerings are so easy to identify that they are not opaque at all.

Anyway, this is to introduce this blog, that does not necessarily attacks the opacity of the travel industry, but rather celebrates it. Opacity came as an alternative to the slightly beside the truth 'the blind traveller' - my eyes are pretty bad. But despite my poor sight I have learnt to appreciate the opacity of the travel industry as an opportunity to get discounts, earn (or buy) 'status', get the best (no, not the best, just optimised) fares and hotel prices. I decided: if you can't beat them, join them. I consider the travel industry as a more positive version of Egypt (as a tourist destination).

In Egypt, when you pay the outrageous price, not entirely voluntarily, for that souvenir, some of that price goes to the driver of the taxi that brought you there, some of it goes to the guy at the door step luring you in, some to the guy (yes, it's mostly guys) waving to the taxi when it was on its way, anyway, you catch my drift. It's kickback country. So, here's the honest purpose of this blog: I decided to join kickback country. Because it's fun. Because there's too many serious travel hacking blogs around that take this matter way too seriously. Because travelling is so much fun that I'd pick any chance to do it more often.

You have been warned: I share my tips with you but some of the links provided might provide me with a kickback. I promise that I won't misuse that principle to put you up with stuff you don't want or don't need. You can always decide not to click and search yourself.

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